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Vivint Reviews

The Utah-based home automation & Home Security company Vivint Security approaches home security systems in a unique way. They have developed a reputation for making sure that the environment and energy consumption are considered as well as Home Security.

Efficiency Experts

Energy efficiency is a major selling point for Vivint Security. According to the company, the Energy Efficient Plan that they offer can save homeowners around $300 per year. This type of plan and the overall company attitude makes Vivint a popular choice for those who tend to gravitate toward the concept of maximizing efficiency through energy conservation.

Vivint Security’s Pricing

Vivint Security’s Home Security Plan costs $49.99 per month, providing around the clock monitoring of a person’s home, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The Energy Efficient Plan costs $57.99 per month, providing energy saving by means of remotely controling the thermostat and small appliances while not in use. The Home Automation Plan costs $68.99 per month, also providing live video streaming.

The Benefit of Technology

Vivint Security’s home automation and home security features are remarkable. Every component of the system is accessible via mobile device or computer, making a complex process such as turning off a drippy faucet remotely a snap. This technology is user friendly and easy to master, making it an ideal option for those who do a lot of travelling or want total control.

Award Winning Support

Vivint Security’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can be reached via email, phone support or Skype. The company website also offers a document library containing specs and user guides describing every component that the company offers. The site’s comprehensive FAQ section exhibits a wealth of important information on billing, account information, and various technical elements. The support services are friendly and accurate.

Final Review of Vivint Security

Vivint is fully committed to providing its customers with intuitive and technologically advanced home security and automation systems. Their systems are designed around energy savings and environmental sensitivity. This dual approach makes Vivint Security an excellent home security option for people who want to protect their home, family, environment and pocket book. We hope you enjoyed reading our Vivint Reviews.

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Vivint, 4.1 out of 5 based on 84 ratings

6 Reviews on “Vivint

  1. My house was pre-set to work with another home security system when I bought it back in 2011. However, I read some reviews and was not impressed with the pre-set system. According to what I read, it is known for false alarms, among many other problems. After conducting some more research, I ended up choosing the Vivint security system. It looked like the best. It certainly had the best reviews. It wasn’t the best priced, by any means, but I was willing to spend extra money for better protection. Overall, I am very, very impressed with this system. It definitely beats out other home security systems. It’s easy to use. It’s simple to program. It offers top-notch protection. It’s a one of a kind system that I think rivals everything else on the market. I feel a lot safer now that I have it installed. I sleep better, for one. I also worry less when I am at work. I don’t have to worry as much about not only my belongings, but my pets as well! I got a little dog, and I worry about his ability to handle a burglar, you know? In conclusion, the Vivint security is a very worthwhile investment!

  2. You hear about break-ins everyday but seldom think that it will happen to you. The reality is that anything can happen anywhere which is why it’s necessary to be prepared should the unfortunate happen to you and your home. I recently made the decision to protect my home with the Vivint wireless home security system. I’m definitely glad that I decided to give this system a shot. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know how well it would actually work. I have to say though that I’ve been really impressed with how well the service has provided me with a sense of safety and security. I like knowing that there is a watchdog that is constantly looking out for my home. Whether I’m at home or not, it’s nice to know that my home is being protected. It’s also especially nice to know that I can check in on my home remotely by way of my phone. Should an issue arise, I also like that the local fire and police departments would be able to check in on the house without a phone call having to be made. It should also be noted how simple the service is to use. I was never the best with technology, but I am able to arm the system with ease and I don’t worry about the system being hacked since the customer support center will be notified should a disconnection take place.

  3. Vivint is just an absolutely unbelievable home security system! Let me start by saying that I have tried several home security systems in the past — once in the 80s and then once again in the 90s. And not surprisingly, every one of them caused me an endless number of problems! There’s nothing like being woken up at 3 in the morning because your alarm is malfunctioning. And yeah, that’s happened to be plenty of times. The good news is that it did not happen with the Vivint security. This isn’t to say that it’s not watching my home, because it is in fact watching, and watching closely! Right now I have at least 1 camera in every single room, save of course the bathrooms. People truly do not understand the security that can be felt from having a quality home security system. It’s about more than just protecting yourself from a burglary. It’s about making sure that your home — the one you paid for and spend so much time maintaining — is not violated by some sicko! If you are like me and live in a somewhat shady home, then I definitely recommend you invest in the Vivint security system immediately!

  4. The Vivint security system is the best one I have ever used, and I have tried quite a few in my day. It has everything you could possibly want. And the level of security is provides is absolutely and undeniably out of this world. I feel so, so much more secure now when I am at work. I know that the Vivint security system is monitoring my belongings. If you are stressed about safety and security, then I definitely recommend investing in this home security system. I guarantee that it’ll lower your blood pressure. It surely lowered mine!

  5. Our home was robbed a few weeks ago. Instantly I felt violated. It is really weird to think about a total stranger going through your things. Though I didn’t have much of value, they did take off with things that were important to me like my class ring. Honestly, who the heck is going to buy a class ring, but these crooks will take anything these days. It is pathetic and I want to protect myself and feel like my stuff is safe which is why I started the hunt for a home security system. Vivint was recommended to me by a co-worker and he has used it for two years. Vivint was so easy to install and the price is great, even if you are on a budget. I certainly do not have a ton of money to throw at something like an alarm, but I know it is worth the small monthly investment to keep myself and my things safe. My home was robbed in broad daylight and the only reason I didn’t have much for them to steal was because I recently moved states so a lot of my big items are still in storage, but I had to start my new job already so I had no choice but to get into the house at the time that I did.

  6. I am so happy with Vivint. I was previously using a home security system that was much more expensive, but Vivint does everything the old system did for far less money. I highly recommend Vivint to anyone who wants a better way to protect their home. You get the wifi feature which is amazing for those who are away from home for long periods of time. I use mine to keep an eye on my sitter. She knows I am watching and I can also watch how the kids are behaving. On top of that, the alarm keeps them all safe.

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