• Monitoring and Communication by Pros
  • Signals and System Secured Wirelessly
  • Self-Installation of Pre-Configured System
  • Smartphone Panel Access From Any Location
  • Packages Cost as Little as $19.95 Monthly

LiveWatch Reviews

One company looked into the future and updated the security industry standards. This advancement resulted in LiveWatch being trusted by over 200,000 families to keep their homes safe from unwanted intruders in every state in the nation, even Alaska and Hawaii. This is all performed from their headquarters and office in St. Marys, Kansas and Evanston, Illinois, respectively. Security is a collaboration and LiveWatch helps you maintain control.

LiveWatch Security Features

You’ll never have to put up with false alarms or your system going down ever again with LiveWatch. They employ wireless sensors and a wireless hub that can speak through several cellular networks and the internet so you’ll never miss a signal. Intruders won’t be able to cut the phone line or turn off power to your home to disengage the alarm system either. Once you join forces with LiveWatch, your house will always be protected and you will have constant access to notifications and the alarm panel with their smartphone application.

What Makes LiveWatch Security Unique?

The unfortunate fact about the security companies out there are that they treat security as a commodity to be bought and sold. LiveWatch is the exact opposite. When you work with them to secure your home, you’ll find you can change your plan at any time without hidden fees. There are no caveats and small print to lock you into unfavorable contracts. LiveWatch protects you from intruders and shady business practices by being honest and open every step of the way. This is why they are a leader in the industry.

Excellent Customer Service

Customers have voted LiveWatch’s product and customer support as a 4.9 out of 5 stars averaged on over 1110 ratings. Major consumer publications and agencies sing the praises of this company. All of this has been achieved because LiveWatch places their customer’s safety as the highest priority, which extends over to their support department. On their website alone you can find quick answers or get in touch with an employee very quickly through one of four main options. These include giving them a phone call, live chatting, submitting a help request ticket, or searching through their FAQ’s. No matter what you need, your answer will be provided quickly and efficiently, because that’s what safety and security demands.

What Does LiveWatch Security Cost

The entry level option at $19.95 provides your home with the fundamentals of security, including constant monitoring, wireless connectivity, and immediate response and resolution. For $29.95, you can add on the smartphone capabilities and an extra layer of protection involving your alarm panel itself that deflates the possibility of insiders disabling your system. For $39.95, not only will you receive an overall discount, but you’ll be able to automate the timing of your system to match your daily routines. You can set up a schedule for your cameras, sensors, door locks, and even your thermostat so you never have to wonder if you forgot to turn on the system or not ever again.

Final Review of LiveWatch Security

When it comes to safety, it is a yes or no situation. LiveWatch’s advanced technology and forward-thinking business practices promise you top of the line security. Hundreds of thousands of customers and overseeing agencies all agree that LiveWatch is the industry leader and new standard for your home and family’s safety. Don’t settle for less when the best is also the cheapest. Thank you for reading our LiveWatch reviews.

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