• Convenient Mobile Application
  • Wireless System without Landline
  • Video Surveillance Technology
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Cost: $34.99 – $49.99 per Month
  • Free Quote Call: 855-873-5593

Frontpoint Security Reviews

Frontpoint rose in 2007 and has gained the title of fastest growing home security system dealer in the USA. It is unique from other systems in its focus on customer satisfaction and wireless system technology.

21st Century Technology

FrontPoint’s completely wireless security system is perfectly built to counter the behavior of the increasingly savvy criminal. Traditional systems that require wires and landlines can be defeated. FrontPoint’s system eliminates these tactics by using a secure cellular network to monitor their customers’ homes and is free from wires and reliance on landlines.

Frontpoint Security’s Pricing

The Protection Plan costs $34.99 per month. The package offers around-the-clock professional monitoring and essential features like carbon monoxide and temperature monitoring, fire monitoring, and Life Safety coverage. The Interactive Monitoring Plan is $44.99 per month and adds mobile monitoring and control of the system. The Ultimate Monitoring package adds home automation and video surveillance for the monthly price of $49.99.

Frontpoint Security is Unique

Frontpoint offers value as much as protection. An impressive feature Frontpoint offers is video surveillance as a part of the Ultimate Monitoring package. Customers can enjoy wireless video of their home’s interior or exterior streaming directly to their smartphone or computer. Plus, you will be notified via text if movement is detected.

Excellent Customer Service

Frontpoint makes it clear that customer service is a top priority and they have the awards to prove it. Their user-friendly website features a host of downloadable guides and videos providing comprehensive information on every aspect of their security systems. FrontPoint’s knowledgeable service team is also available to assist customers via phone or e-mail.

Final Review of FrontPoint

Frontpoint has grown by leaps and bounds since their debut in 2007. They have become a best in class home security system. Their wireless systems are on the cutting edge of technology. Their pricing is affordable, and their systems offer unique features. Their excellent customer service will leave you satisfied. We hope you enjoyed our Frontpoint reviews.

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Rating: 4.9/5 (220 votes)
Frontpoint, 4.9 out of 5 based on 220 ratings

24 Reviews on “Frontpoint

  1. Frontpoint’s home security system is perfect for monitoring your home! It comes with terrific sensors and cameras that make it so that nobody who is unwanted can enter your home without triggering an alarm system!

  2. I originally bought Frontpoint because I wanted to protect my dad. He’s retired and stays at home all day. I wish I could stay home with him, but I have to work, you know? Regardless, this system has been doing that and doing that very well!

  3. Thank you to the Frontpoint security system for protecting my family! I cannot begin to explain to you the difference it makes to know that Frontpoint security’s agents are ready 24/7 to respond if anything happens that puts my spouse and children in danger!

  4. Simply put, I feel as safe as possible with the Frontpoint wireless home security system. As long as I have the system engaged I know that there is no reason for me to be worried about the safety of my home or myself. The best part of the system is that it offers a great deal of services for a small price point. My favorite service is the home monitoring component, which allows me to check in on my home even when I’m not there. I find myself checking in on my home when I’m at work or on longer trips. It really is able to provide me with peace of mind since otherwise I tend to worry.

  5. Feeling safe and secure is crucial to enjoying life in your home. I always feel safe when I have my Frontpoint system turned on. It’s also nice to know that the wireless home security system will continue to work even when the power goes out!

  6. Frontpoint security system has been a lifesaver. I recently had an encounter with an attempted burglary and the wireless home security system not only protected my family and I from the burglars but it also was able to help authorities catch the thieves.

  7. The reason people have wireless home security systems is because you want them to work in times of need. With Frontpoint home security, I always feel confident that I will be protected should an unwanted guest try to make their way into my home. I’m really impressed with this security system because I actually used to have another system that did not work nearly as well. What impresses me about Frontpoint is that it is simple to use, but also that it comes with superior customer service. The customer service support line is even proactive in contacting you, which is what I think I like the best. I always feel like I have my own personal security guard with this service!

  8. There’s so many choices for wireless home security systems today, but I’m glad that I chose Frontpoint! The system is so easy to use that even my 10 year old daughter is able to set the alarm when needed.

  9. I love all the extra features that come with the Frontpoint security system. It’s the more comprehensive solution I have ever dealt with, and trust me when I say I’ve tried a lot of home security systems over the years!

  10. The video capabilities offered by the Frontpoint security is amazing! It gives you the peace of mind you need to feel comfortable, regardless of whether you are at home or away somewhere else.

  11. Finally, after 20 years of trying different home security systems, I have finally found one that isn’t impossible to use! The Frontpoint home security system uses a simple console that’s so easy to use! It gets an A+ with extra credit from me!

  12. I like Frontpoint because the installation process was a total breeze. I did it myself in an hour and I like the app which lets me watch the cameras we have positioned on the exterior of the house. This is as good as it gets.

  13. My brother-in-law suggested I get Frontpoint because I was moving to another state where I know no one except for my co-workers. I wasn’t really looking for a home security system but after talking to him a bit more, I thought it would be a good idea to get one because I have no one to check on me. I could end up dead on the floor and no one would know. I kid! But hey, things like that certainly happen so it’s better to protect yourself. Frontpoint is affordable enough and installation couldn’t be easier. I’m glad I bought Frontpoint and feel better in my apartment.

  14. This is a home security system that makes it easy for you to finally feel at peace with your family’s safety. There is no need to go with any other alarm than Frontpoint. This thing does everything you need it to.

  15. The alarm on Frontpoint is insanity! My kids set it off for fun, according to them, when we first got it and it scared the crap out of everyone in a mile radius! Definitely good for keeping criminals away.

  16. I was once the victim of a burglary, so I knew it was necessary to protect my home and myself from intruders. I had the FrontPoint security system installed and I’ve been happy with this decision because it really does the job!

  17. home security systems are really a necessity for anyone who wants to live with a strong peace of mind. What good is having a nice house and belongings if they are not protected? That’s what I asked myself recently, which is why I decided to invest in the FrontPoint security system. For such a low price-point, I was able to get a high-value security service that I know will help protect my home and I. What I like best about the service though is how it is very simple to use. All it takes is a few quick keystrokes and the system is activated and ready for use. I’m not worried about the system being hacked either, because the minute it goes offline, the customer support team will call to check up.

  18. There’s a lot to be said about securing your home with a security system. The FrontPoint security system has been one of the best decisions that I ever made! I’m very happy with the purchase because I’m able to rest easy knowing the system is armed and ready.

  19. I never thought I would be one to have a home security system. Heck, I used to live with my doors unlocked. But after hearing of multiple break-ins around my community, I decided to invest in a security system. I chose FrontPoint because I had heard from fellow friends how well the service worked and how it also offered a good amount of other amenities that other services just don’t offer. The biggest differentiator for me was how much you are getting with the service for such a low price point. You’re not just getting a alarm and keypad but you’re getting remote monitoring, 24/7 support, fire and police easy access and even security camera footage. With so many amenities for cheap, you’d be a fool to select any other service!

  20. The world can really be a scary and unsafe place. I wish that I didn’t need to protect my family and I from possible intruders, but it’s a reality. That’s why I’m happy that I installed the FrontPoint security system.

  21. Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on other home security systems when FrontPoint is available. I bought FrontPoint on a Thursday and had it installed by Sunday evening. It is the only way I’d protect my home moving forward. What you need most out of your home security system is an alarm that will immediately sound and scare people away if they are thinking about entering the home. FrontPoint has an alarm like no other and will definitely send the bad guys in the other direction. There are so many positive reviews of FrontPoint online for a reason – when people are happy they like to talk about it.

  22. With FrontPoint you buy one time and that’s it. You do not have to deal with annoying people working on commission trying to upsell you every month. That is something I cannot deal with and FrontPoint’s customer service is fantastic.

  23. I planned on taking a new position with my company that would have me traveling two weeks out of the month. This was a temporary thing and it may move me to another country, so I didn’t want to be locked into a contract but I did want the ability to see my home when I’m gone on business. FrontPoint is the ideal home security system for me. I know it’s important for me to have both quality and value in any device and FrontPoint meets those requirements. I would not go with any other company after using FrontPoint. It’s the best.

  24. I wasn’t sure what to expect with FrontPoint. It sounded great online, but I am not one who be all that great with DIY things. FrontPoint is a breeze to install in terms of home security systems and you can use their live chat if you have problems.

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