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ADT Reviews

ADT Security is a home security system that just about everyone knows. Over 140 years of experience in the industry helps ADT stay on top. ADT pays special attention to the needs families & senior citizens.

Evaluating Home Security

ADT gives homeowners the chance to have a free home security evaluation conducted by one of their highly trained consultants. If a homeowner decides to use ADT, the evaluation helps determine the best system for you. This unique service is not commonplace, and it is a great way for a homeowner to become educated on how to keep a home safe.

ADT Security’s Pricing

The basic plan offered by ADT costs $35.95 per month. It includes round-the-clock monitoring by way of an in-house control panel with panic and fire emergency buttons. The Basic Wireless Package is $44.99 per month and includes additional features like remote digital access, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring and water detection sensors. The Protect + Connect Premium Package is highly customizable and adds additional features and costs.

Protecting Personal Health

For an additional equipment fee of $65.00, a homeowner can utilize the company’s Home Health Security option. This option gives the homeowner a two-way intercom with and ADT representative who can summon emergency personnel in the event of a crisis. The interactive nature of the system is unique because it can be used as a means of communication instead of an alert signal for help.

A Wealth of Customer Support

ADT provides several means for their customers to obtain support and important information. The website contains downloadable operator manuals on the equipment the company uses. The site’s detailed safety section provides numerous tips on how to make homeowners and their families secure. A toll-free phone service and a live online chat feature provide further support. You will not be in the dark with ADT.

Final Review of ADT Security

ADT is the longest standing home security company in the industry. Their services are catered to families of all sizes, as well as Senior Citizens. Regardless of your budget, you will find a system that is right for you. Consider utilizing ADT’s free home security consultation to help you pick the right system. We hope you enjoyed our ADT Reviews.

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ADT, 4.5 out of 5 based on 105 ratings

16 Reviews on “ADT

  1. Home security is a very big thing these days. It seems like crime is always on the rise. More burglaries. More rapes. More murders. Well, I don’t want to be a victim! I enjoy my life and want to be able to pass naturally. It I for this reason that I invested in the ADT Security home security system. And so far, I am really, really happy with it. It functions quite smoothly and isn’t prone to errors or false alerts. It’s also relatively easy to program. Anyone can do it. Overall, it’s a great system, and I recommend it to those of you who are worried about your safety and well-being.

  2. ADT Security is like an all-in-one home security company that does everything! It monitors my home, maintains my thermostat, scans for carbon monoxide, alerts me to problems and so much more. It’s quite an amazing tool, which is why I definitely recommend it!

  3. There’s so much to say about the ADT security service that I feel like no review can do it justice. The wireless home security system really works and it works well. I can speak first hand of an encounter when the service went to work for me. Last year, my daughter was home alone when she heard some noise at the front door. At first she thought it was another family member returning home, but she quickly realized that it was an intruder who thought no one was home. Luckily the security service was turned on and it immediately sounded off the alarm. The alarm alone scared off the intruder, upon which the police and fire department followed. I am really grateful that the security system was turned on at the time and that it was linked directly to the authorities. I really truly feel that the system helped save my daughter’s life as well as my home. It’s hard to know when someone may break in to your home, so it’s important to be prepared. Take my advice that this service is as close to full-proof protection as you will get. There really is no excuse to not be prepared in today’s age, especially when a service as safe and effective exists as ADT!

  4. A feeling of security is really vital to a nice quality of life. I’ve felt much more safe and sound ever since I decided to invest in the ADT security system. This wireless home secrity system is truly remarkable. I used to have a security system twenty years ago but then got rid of it after it continued to malfunction and break. I was shocked to see how advanced the technology has gotten for security systems. The ADT system is great because it stays on even when the power goes out. It also can be connected directly to the police or fire department and it can be set and accessed remotely! It really can’t get any better than this. I’m truly glad that I found this service as it has renewed my faith in the security system industry.

  5. I have tried several home security systems during the course of my life. The ADT home security system by far beats all of them. It never malfunctions, which is really important. My previous systems would malfunction all the time. All the false alarms caused me a great deal of consternation. I have yet to have a single false alarm with the ADT home security system. It is also very easy to use. Even my kids are able to arm and disarm it at ease. In conclusion, I think the ADT home security system is a very worthwhile investment, and I hope that everybody out there gets it!

  6. I love ADT! I am a very, very anxious person who I guess you could say suffers from paranoia. I’ve always been like this. Even when I was a kid, I had anxious thoughts like all the friggen time. It’s also why I’m more of a homebody. I like to stay at home and make sure everything is okay. It’s my safe zone. The problem is that I travel a lot for work. And well, the stress of being away from home has always caused me a lot of consternation. Is everything okay? Is Cindy (my cat) okay? Are my belongings okay? You know what I mean? With the ADT home security system, my home is constantly monitored by ADT agents. The place is literally ‘booby trapped’ with sensors and cameras in every single room, including the garage. If anything happens, the authorities would be dispatched to my home right away. Overall, I’m very impressed with the ADT security system, and I strongly, strongly recommend it for men, women and even parents who want to safeguard their home, their possessions and their loved ones! Trust me when I say that the feeling of knowing everything is okay is literally priceless!

  7. The number of features that come with the ADT home security system truly blow me away! It’s absolutely great for home security. It gives you the high degree of protection you need so that you don’t go to bed scared!

  8. I travel a lot. One day I might be in Tokyo, while the next I might be in Hawaii. It’s a pain, especially because I have a very nice home that I want to protect! It was because of this that I invested in the ADT security system several months ago. Thus far, I am pretty darn impressed. I especially love how it always monitors my home. I don’t have to worry about anything. I used to be so, so worried that I’d come home to a completely empty house. Well, I don’t have those worries anymore thanks to the ADT home security!

  9. I wasn’t anticipating loving a home security system the way I love ADT. I thought it would be just another home alarm that you don’t pay much attention to. ADT is so much more than that, but as others have pointed out, it is very user-friendly and manageable. I like that ADT is comfortable to use and even our 11 year old can work the system with no problems at all. The people at ADT are courteous and nice to deal with, which says a lot considering customer service these days. Much of it is non-existent. We have had to call ADT customer service twice and both times, they were able to troubleshoot the issues with us within minutes, which is great when you are a busy family and everyone is running in every direction at all times. ADT is a great price which is what made it stand out among the contenders. I thought ADT may be subpar compared to other home security systems because of the price, but I am pleasantly surprised at everything ADT offers for the low price. The wifi feature is awesome because you can actually see your house in real time! It is a cool feature that lets you see the state of your house.

  10. For years my sister has had ADT. I would definitely consider her a techie and figured ADT was too complex for me to work. Cut to me housesitting for her for a long weekend while she went with her boyfriend. ADT is actually a breeze to work and I cannot get over how affordable it is. I strayed from a home security system because of the cost, but as a single woman, I would like to have that extra barrier of protection from intruders. ADT has made this incredibly affordable and I can see why my sister has stuck with them for so long.

  11. I was afraid our wifi connection wouldn’t be strong enough to effectively work with ADT, but when I called a rep from ADT she assured me it would. ADT is one of the best home security systems out there and I love the cameras to watch the house.

  12. I never knew how many choices there are on the market when it comes to security systems. I decided on the ADT security system because of how it is chock full of features that I know will come in handy should crisis arise.

  13. Security is something that everyone wants and needs. No one should feel vulnerable or scared, especially in their own home. With the ADT home security system there is no need for anyone to be frightened. The service is really first-rate. It has a real easy-to-use touch panel and can be set remotely from anywhere. Not only that but the customer support that the service provides should be enough for anyone to seal the deal. It’s nice to know that there is a representative on hand to assist you should you encounter any issues. Not to mention, it’s nice to know that someone is monitoring your home 24/7 even when you are not around.

  14. There’s a lot to keep track of in life, but making sure your home is safe and secure shouldn’t be something that you have to worry about again and again. The smart thing for anyone to do is to get a home security system because these can help protect you and your home at all times. Ever since I purchased the ADT security system I have felt an immense amount of comfort and ease when I’m at home or on-the-go. With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s nice to have some control over the wellbeing of my home. With the ADT system, it’s certain that my home will be able to withstand any possible intrusions. What’s great about this security service is that it has multiple strong components that help make it stand apart in the marketplace. Basically, it provides a number of high-value services all at reasonable price points. I was on a budget when shopping around for a security service, but I also knew that I wanted a good number of features such as 24/7 customer service, fire and police service as well as mobile monitoring. ADT has all of these services and then some, plus it is super easy to use! I’m very happy with my decision to use the service and I hope more homeowners follow suit!

  15. Three weeks of owning and we’ve already seen it in action! A man tried to get in through our side door and the alarm sounded instantly sending him running. I am thankful since we were all home and it was not that late at night. Our house wasn’t dark so we don’t know what made him choose our house but after hearing the blaring alarm from ADT I don’t think he’ll try that again. Home security systems have come a long way but it’s still that alarm that makes people take off if you ask me. This is all you need to stay safe.

  16. Read the manual and you’ll see how easy it is to setup ADT. I bought both ADT and another wifi home security system to see which would perform best for us and ADT was the best one, which I’d recommend to anyone. The device itself is not flimsy nor does it feel like cheap plastic. It honestly feels high quality and setup with ease, which is why I have to recommend it over the other security system. The other was not well done for DIY installation. ADT is very user-friendly from the start. If you have any questions you can use live chat or call customer service. I have used both with no problems and the reps are always very accommodating. This is the type of home security system you can set and forget, which is great for busy families who don’t want to read an instruction manual the size of the yellow pages in order to learn how to work the system. I am going to order ADT for my grandmother who lives alone. None of us live close enough to get her quickly in the event of an intruder. With ADT she will just have to set the system and not worry.

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