Cheap and Effective Ways to Defend Your Home Against Home Invasions

Defend Your Home

Making your home more safe and secure doesn’t have to be an expensive process. In fact, you can do it for little to no money at all. The biggest reason for this is that the best home security simply involves smart thinking. Below are a few of the best tips for effectively implementing home invasion defense techniques against burglaries and home invaders without breaking the bank.


One of the best preventative measures against burglaries and home invasions is selecting a good location to live in. Before renting or purchasing a home, make sure that it is located in the best neighborhood you can afford. If you are in a new city, a great way to figure out which neighborhoods are good places to live is by browsing websites such as BestPlaces and City-Data. Calling the local police department is another way to find reliable crime statistics for your area.

Smart Thinking

Paying attention to your daily routine and establishing good daily security habits is the epitome of smart thinking. Even doing something as simple as locking your doors and windows will help your home security efforts tenfold. Make locking doors a habit by checking the locks each night and before you leave the house each day.

And don’t – and we mean don’t! – leave the spare key under a doormat, flowerpot, or fake rock. These are the first places that burglars look. Giving the spare to a neighbor is a safe and effective way to keep the key safe and give you a means of getting inside if you forgot or lost your normal house key somewhere.

Police Inspection Program

Many local police departments provide a security inspection program for homes in their area. In these programs, an experienced officer will walk through your home. They will inspect it by looking for weaknesses in home security. Oftentimes, they will advise you on the best home security alarm systems, locks, and motion sensor lighting that fits within a reasonable budget.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch programs are popping up in neighborhoods in cities around the country. Join one of these if possible. If your neighborhood does not have one yet, consider starting one yourself. These types of programs greatly reduce crime in the area. They can even reinforce property values.

Visible House Number

Though modern technology makes it easy for police and firefighters to locate your home, you still want house numbers that are easily visible in the dark. Numbers that can’t be seen won’t do anything to help emergency officials find your home. This trick is particularly cheap and effective.

Keep Your Home Looking Lived-In

Few things are worse than returning home from a fun vacation to find that your home has been burglarized. But this is one of the prime times that criminals strike. So make sure not to let things like newspapers and door flyers accumulate in front of your house. You should also avoid leaving the trash out days in advance or leaving the porch light on all day and all night. These act as dead giveaways to burglars. Your best bet is to invest in light timers that will rotate the lights on and off inside your house throughout the day. And get a trustworthy neighbor to collect your newspapers and flyers for you each day.